un club, una pasión
nat, 19. there are many ways to feel passion for football, but none that can compare to supporting real madrid. %

this is actually really weird but i never actually liked you back then when i had a tumblr idk i always thought you were full of hatred but lol, i was at the wrong for judging you before actually getting to know you (BY STALKING UR TUMBLR RELIGIOUSLY EVERYDAY HA HA)) and you're actually a very passionate person and i actually really like you and the way you express yourself is so sassy yet classy-like bless you i wanna be like you HASHTAG IDOL

wow this is definitely the gr8est backhanded compliment i’ve ever recieved

JK JK thank u so much you’re absolutely LOVELY for sending me this <3333

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if not for florentino we would not have ronaldo.

Um, except this is COMPLETELY false? tl;dr on Cristiano Ronaldo: his goal since he was a CHILD was to come to Real Madrid. The entire staff of Manchester United knew that. Fergie hates us and he’s still talked about it time after time. There was a bit of publicized drama b/w Fergie & RM’s administration years before he joined bc Cris was accepting gifs like paintings/pictures of Real Madrid’s crest or whatever (this I heard a story about actually). The fact that Floren “signed” him is pure luck, he was coming that season absolutely regardless of who was the head of RM’s front office & was actually supposed to come the season before when Calderon was president but ended up staying another year as a favour to SAF. I don’t credit Perez for Cris coming here at all.

(Also, according to some, Zizou wanted us to sign Cris when he was a kid back @ Sporting. He could’ve been a canterano if Floren bought him.)

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Do you like bvb?

Well…..More than Bayern, but I might like Ebola more than Bayern so that says absolutely nothing.

No, I don’t, and I generally find it annoying when ~pseudo ‘Johan Cruyff is god’ type footie fans choose them as the designated poor-yet-popular-enough-to-start-conversation club to wank over during UCL. Still not as annoying as their “rivals” (and I use that word loosely bc what a sad ‘rivalry’ that is……)

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UEFA Best Player in Europe: Cristiano Ronaldo

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IKER & Cris - Champions League. The draw for the group stage - 28/08/14

you are literally & quite frankly an idiot if u think it’s a “joke” that cristiano ronaldo won uefa player of the year

  • he happens to be the best player in the world to half of the world & the second best player in the world to the other half
  • he broke the all-time scoring record in ucl and won the most historic title in the history of the competition

so bye lmao

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Holy shit, sorry for crashing, but what did really Mourinho and Iker & Sergio talk about?

He talked shit about someone publicly (shocker) and they were like, ‘this isn’t how things are done at Real Madrid, mister.’

how can you trust mundo deportivo or sport though? they're hardly reliable for rm news

That’s the point…..that it’s Mundo Deportivo of all places. Mourinho just needed something to grab onto (that clearly WASN’T right) & that served as it, I guess.

Iker Casillas & Marcelo share a laugh at the third kit presentation | 26-08-14

xabi was responsible for spreading mourinhismo? how? i'm curious... never liked this redhead and his friendship with arbeloa

For the ltrly five exact but rephrased of this gist asks I have in my inbox - yes, lmao, VERY, VERY much so. Xabi is probably more responsible (considering the length of time he’s been here + his near-psychotic influence on twitter fans lmfao) for anything re: mourinhismo than DL.

Which players do you absolutely hate at bayern?

I absolutely hate all of them except Thiago Alcantara who is #destined to one day end up at Real Madrid.

On wearing the Real Madrid shirt
“It’s the greatest thing for any footballer; to pull on the Madrid shirt, and defend the club crest (…) It’s a great honour to wear this shirt. It demands responsibility and discipline.”

On not playing the CL final
“All of us who were not out on the pitch really suffered. I expected to suffer, but not that much! As it turned out, there’s probably no better way of suffering. It was the greatest feeling.” x

Raul visits Valdebebas | 27.8.2014 x

Do you dislike xabi? (Like arbeloa)

Nah, I dislike very few people like I do Arbeloa. Arbeloa was also a heartbreak~~ because I did love him back when he was just a fun part of our team that loved his captain & I couldn’t believe for the longest time (smh) he’d be capable of what he did. Xabi I hated for a few weeks upon finding out how responsible he really was in the existence of mourinhismo & then thought I forgave him or initially overreacted. Idek how I feel about him now. I’m massively pissed @ his actions. The presser’ll be telling, probably.

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