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nat, 19. there are many ways to feel passion for football, but none that can compare to supporting real madrid. %
What are some things Cris did that annoyed or upset you, you mentioned it in one of the asks you answered

Oh god I have so many versions of this ask in my inbox. I try not to answer shit I’m not in the ~mood to answer so I can actually give you a proper response, but this won’t be one I guess. Disclaimer: I do love Cristiano. Honestly. He may not necessarily be a top 5 favourite for me but he feels like home.

He is held to a different standard than the rest (minus maybe Bale, but even then, probably not). This imo is footie’s version of ~~~privilege. He can do whatever he wants (some things he should be able to but the rest of our players definitely don’t get to) (some things he should probably not be able to and any other player that did would be vilified for) and get off without a SHRED of regulation. I do appreciate CERTAIN comments because he’s pretty much the only one who can say the things he says and get off unscathed & sometimes it works to our advantage (like a positive statement about Iker or a negative one about Mourinho etc). But sometimes I honestly just….wish he wouldn’t. This brings me to another thing that annoys me nearly every single time I think about it, the way he acted last summer before his contract extension. This may be irrational (I don’t care because I don’t think it is) but I don’t think ANY PLAYER should be allowed to blatantly speak about another club or the prospect of being there while they’re here. This isn’t a fucking stepping stone or some shit, this is goddamn Real Madrid lmfao. His Man United comments actually made me start seeing other flaws I was generally consciously ignorant to before, IE the Tristiano period, which I initially blamed the administration/Perez for. In retrospect, while I have sympathy for him & everyone_makes_mistakes.mp3, this is completely unacceptable. He was forcing the club’s hand to meet his demands in a way so public & glaring that it’s actually ridiculous. NO ONE would’ve gotten away with that, while his “legend with RM” somehow became even greater for it. Also, getting into ~another point, he’s far too individualistic a player for me to trust. I adore him, I genuinely, genuinely do, but looking at his wages & his need to be the most ~appreciated in more ways than one, I don’t know….it just doesn’t do it for me like it used to. 

[2,3 - 30] pics of Real Madrid

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Diane, 11:30 am, February 24th.

                           Entering the town of Twin Peaks.

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why are we signing faubert level players? first that mexican player who looks like natalie portman and now apparently some guy called guarin


We’re just bringing back Chicharito who won us La Decima in 2007, how dare u

Honestly I don’t even fucking know who Guarin is

Real Sociedad 4-2 Real Madrid. August 31st, 2014
“Of course anything we can learn from is welcome. But this is not the attitude or the path to take. We are playing for a very important club and that is not the sort of example we want to give to the rest of the world. I want to congratulate Real Sociedad because they had a sensational game. Coming back from 0-2 in fifteen minutes is unusual, even more so at home”. -Iker Casillas x

What was it that Neurer did to Sergio in 11/12?

After both semis in 11/12 & et we were tied at the Bernabeu and during penalty kicks Sergio stepped up & missed pretty spectacularly, which he’d go on to being made fun of about for AGES (I think it only stopped like……super recently), and he really, REALLY took it to heart. After the match, pretty much the first thing Neuer did after gloating is publicly say “I didn’t know Sergio Ramos enjoys losing UCL semifinals for his team”, not verbatim but that’s the gist of it. Then after Bayern lost the final, Sergio tweeted, “I didn’t know Neuer enjoys losing finals. Better luck next year. Always stay humble.”

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Nat, why is RMadridgirl a person who people pay attention to at all. And why did people not notice Xabi was a dick before now? He always has been. And why does he still get away with it just because people think a beard makes a classy person? Nat, these things keep me up at night.

Honestly the RMadridgirl thing………like if you’re following her for anything but irony I’d really rather you unfollow me. The fact that SHE’S the ~image of madridistas on twitter on such a grand scale is almost hilarious in how awful it is, but fitting, considering how brainwashed her ridiculous amount of followers are with JLS propaganda and her “”“passionate”“” opinions that are based in nothing but resentment & being fucking plastic. 

Do you ever criticize iker

Actually, yeah, I did, back when he deserved criticism for a comment or a performance or whatever. Now that he’s been shit on & disgraced by a former manager, backstabbed by his teammates & staff, almost forced out by his president and regularly abused by his club’s “fans” for years I see very little reason to add to the fuckload Iker Casillas has to put up with on a daily basis.

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do you find chelsea fans stupis for basically worshiping mourinho????????? my friend calls /me/ stupid for hating mourinho and shes so fucking ignorant and she goes idc what he did to madrid hes a saint PLS COMMENT ON THIS I WANT TO FUCKING BURN HER DOWN TO THE GROUP PLEASE NAT

A saint? A saint for destroying RM from within, turning an untouchable legend into a joke, feeding PSYCHOTIC rabid supporters to carry out his barbaric ideals & disgusting personal opinions, creating a new definition for an identity of a club he doesn’t even begin to grasp and being the virtual opposite of everything it’s supposed to represent?

I’m tired of talking about Mourinho. He doesn’t deserve my contribution to keeping his gross infamy alive.

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You don't think you could always be 100% behind Ramos? Not criticizing, just curious!

No. Not always, at all. I’ve disagreed pretty heavily with a few things he’s said, but I’m pretty sure I have with Iker too so it’s kind of a misleading statement in general. Idk, with Iker I see reasoning for why he’s out of form or whatever, with Sergio it’s just maddening at times.

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Today the team has been negative in everything. Horrible. You cannot let that happen at 2-0. We must have a better attitude. We are all guilty, not just those at the back, the whole team. Media will talk about this, but we must just get into the dressing room & sort it out as this is not normal.
Iker Casillas, after the match against Real Socieded | 31-08-14

Wait in ur text post u said something about mourinho I Thot he managed Chelsea? Sorry if this sounds dumb could u just explain the management structure of Real Madrid

"The management structure of Real Madrid" assuming we actually have one (sorry I’m being so passive aggressive rn I’m like shockingly pissed @ today)

Mourinho was a coach we hired when we were at our most desperate. How cost us far, FAR more than he ever gave. A direct quote from my friend: “this is what hardware greed gets you—short-term fixes with disastrous long-term consequences.” He is the very antithesis of EVERY SINGLE THING Real Madrid is supposed to be, he has this violent underdog us-against-the-world mentality (as a coach) and is pretty disgraceful (as a person, but I won’t get into that). He ostracized & abused our captain, Iker Casillas, who, before him, was utterly untouchable (and rightfully so). He got this psychotic army of delusional people with a chip on their shoulder fiercely stanning for him ever since (some of the players & personnel, even). There was a shitload of conflict as a result & still remains to this day. He’s long gone, doesn’t give a shit about Real Madrid (and absolutely N E V E R actually has), and wholly fucking DELUDED “madridistas” still consider him their god & his decisions at the time when he was here gospel.

This is all just 1/43920347298049382 of Jose Mourinho & the situation w/ RM/mourinhistas.

"I’ll only ever go to Real Madrid to destroy them from within," he said to Barca once.

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please care to tell your twitter name omg it's going to give me so much life i'm sure because your tumblr is delish and i'm sure you just twittered my thoughts exactly! please with a cherry on top, i'm your relentless stan

Come off anon. It’s not exactly hard to find anymore if u follow anyone I’m friends with on here already.

i love iker with all of me but his time is up and hes become a burden like raul in his last days, iker needs to be put on the bench tbfh

Except Iker is still the best keeper we have and this loss in no way can be blamed on him? And we definitely have different definitions of “burden”? Don’t send me this shit because I’ll never agree with you & as far as I’m concerned Iker is the last remnant of RM’s soul so I’d rather not become completely fucking vapid, but thanks for the thought.

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like you know anything about xabi or whatever is happening in rm dressing room. no one believes you.

You can believe whatever the fuck you want & go on living this ignorant life that ur ~faves aren’t problematic