Anonymous said: what is madridismo

Madridismo is the identity of Real Madrid (or a population of madridistas, depending on how it’s used). Everyone interprets it differently, but it’s generally seen as the values of the club; passion for the shirt~~, determination, remontada, spirit, loyalty, a gentlemanly attitude, and on top of that, being the best club in the world. If I had to sum up what Real Madrid is through a player, it would be Iker, Raul and Alfredo di Stefano. 

I could never say any of it as well as this quote, though:

"Real Madrid are words that are in my life. Real Madrid means triumph in victory and triumph in loss. Real Madrid is history, it is the day-to-day and it is what will happen, it is endless longing and endless expectation. It is courage, to overcome the rest and also itself, to overcome loss, to overcome victory. Real Madrid is the “at least” of a bad day and the “but” of a good day. It is suffering, it is loyalty and hope. It is Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings, it is something to talk about, something to converse over, it is something to share with many people. Real Madrid is a global idea, something that is worth all the effort. It is Bernabéu and Di Stefano, it is Chamartín and Cibeles, is it the green of the grass, it is pipes, it is cigars. It is smiles and applause, it is tears and whistles, it is joy and sadness, it is throats and voices. Real Madrid is not the goal scored, it is the next one. It is Madrid, Spain, Europe and the World. It is sport and spectacle. Real Madrid is eleven artists and eleven warriors. It is envy and admiration, it is relevant whether you hate or love it. Real Madrid does not leave one unconcerned. It is values and ideas, compromise and union. It is dreams and reality. There is one Real Madrid and there are many. Real Madrid is every person who makes it a part of their life, those who can see and do not stop watching, those who want to see but cannot watch. It is everyone and no one. It is more than football. It is sometimes an excuse and other times a reason. It was monarchy, republic, dictatorship and never stopped being democracy. It was first and it was second, it is leader without being champion. It is sporting heroes and kids from Madrid. It is front page news, hours of radio and television, it is the eternal debate and the nonexistent conclusion. It is, above all, ambition. It is the grandfather we all wish to have. Real Madrid was yesterday, it is today and it will be tomorrow. Real Madrid are words that I still do not know how to express."

Anonymous said: I'm so sorry if this is bothersome but do you (or any of your followers) know anything about the NYC Pena Madridista? I was thinking about becoming a member when club season starts, but certain things about their Twitter make me a bit... apprehensive.

Please don’t think it’s bothersome oh my god????? You’re too lovely for being so polite lmfao. I know absolutely NOTHING about them :( I wish I could be more helpful (but I definitely feel u on being apprehensive re: their twitter.) Will anyone from the NYC area msg me if they have any info? 

Hi guys! I simply wanted to appreciate you for making my dashboard such an enjoyable place that keeps me up at night. Every single one of you is very special and I’m very pleased with the opportunity of following you. I also want to mention the anon that encouraged me to do this ff. Thank you all so much! :) 

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Real Madrid is like that rich spoiled kid that gets everything they want so they don’t appreciate what they have

It’s much more complex than just a game.




“Winning the Champions League is bigger than winning the World Cup.”

Idk if he’s just drunk from the trophy or plain stupid but that is such a ridiculous comment lmao

ummm maybe bc he has won both fucking trophies he can say which is more important???? other clubs can ltrly only ever dream of winning ten champions leagues and iker has won three so……….

why don’t u stay in ur fucking lane next time u crusty pressed “bavarian” 

normally i try to just sidestep these sort of IGNORANT goose penis mashed with simeone’s hairgrease with puns and sassy humor but

I fucking remember your basic fauxvarian ass trying to come at the ~rude classless Real Madrid fans~ after we fucking annihilated your guardiola-buttplugged asses from the Champions League and jettisoned your premature “Germany’s golden era” beliefs up into the fucking celestial stratospheres and above

and i kept quiet then bc i believed there was no reason to exacerbate matters with permanent victim-complex having “I’m not used to losing” myopic idiot shit spewing COMPLETE IGNORANCE OF THE HISTORY OF EUROPEAN SOCCER HAVING ASSES when Real Madrid - who is HISTORICALLY /the/ greatest team in Europe and PRETTY MUCH DEEMED THE EQUIVALENT OF THE FUCKING EUROPEAN CUP SINCE ITS INCEPTION (Bernabeu LITERALLY helped establish the fucking tournament itself while Bayern were still in their hunting and foraging and dung eating paleolithic era so fucking RELAX please)

and after all this wailing and crying and “HAVE SOME resPEPs,” you try to come at IKER CASILLAS, SYMBOL of Real Madrid and DEFINITION of Madridismo, for saying that La Decima was more important than the World Cup???????????
If you were AWARE of Real Madrid’s identity at ALL (but ofc, based on your pedigree, i know you fucking aren’t), you would NOT even QUESTION this as the remotest bit irregular or disrespectful.
Also, if you’ve forgotten bc you were too busy CRYING over your somehow volitionally-adopted homecountry Germany (didn’t know it was so easy to gain citizenship in Germany btw)’s flaccid sasquatch performance and elimination in the Worldcup 2010….Iker Casillas ALREADY fucking WON the World Cup with several of his Real Madrid teammates

so excuse the fuck out of me if Iker wanted La Decima the slightest bit more than a fucking trophy he already won

If you don’t know shit, don’t say shit. there’s a fucking difference between opinion and half-assed desperate jabs borne out of inferiority complex, jealousy, and pure fucking ignorance. 

GOODBYE and throw your trophies at us, honey, but use them wisely, since y’all don’t even have that fucking many.

people ain’t got no fucking manners these days

“Casillas is a child of Real Madrid, a boy who grew up in the club and he did not cost a cent. If a child has made mistakes, they deserve to be forgiven. This is actually the way it is done.” - Vicente Del Bosque on Iker Casillas (+)

Anonymous said: hi i was just wondering what do you think neymar


LMAO (sorry). I like him, I guess. I’m going to be #obnoxiousmadridista but it literally was such a culture shock when he “chose” to be cule (more like money was already paid to Santos and the 239820849732 ppl that own him and any club would have to pay like….40me ((? I don’t remember at this point to be honest)) of extra funds directly to Barca to break their agreement but aight) because I (and everyone else….pretty much) alwaaays thought he’d go to Real Madrid (especially the summer of 11/12, JESUS). But I was REALLY relieved that we didn’t get him bc obviously massively unnecessary. But then we bought Bale. (I mention that because at least half the motivation for that transfer was spurred by his, there’s no question). And I would very, very clearly take Neymar and his….especially dodgy father and madridista agent over Bale, sorry. But then I’d take an uncooked bean over Bale so. 

ANYWAY I honestly think all the WC neutrals thirsting for him is absolutely hilarious bc a heartthrob~~ is not the general opinion of him at all. But then it’s like :/// when they become Neymar-fueled-cules with “soft spots” for Real Madrid because they “think James is cute too” or some shit like that. Like, if ur going to claim to be a fan then pls ~~~respect the sanctity of the biggest rivalry in football.

tl;dr: I like him in a Brasil jersey.

Anonymous said: top 10 football players?
  • Iker Casillas
  • Sergio Ramos/Jese Rodriguez
  • Marcelo Vieira
  • Isco
  • Dani Carvajal
  • Morata & Everyone @ La Fabrica
  • Cristiano Ronaldo/Pepe
  • Luka Modric

Idk if you mean currently or like all time? Bc that ^ is pretty much the current list (w/ Mesut left out bc I’m trying not to be #depressed here!!!!!!!!)

All-time would be like

  • Iker
  • Raul
  • Sergio & Jese
  • Marcelo
  • Zizou (yeah he’s dropped down the ranks a bit ngl)
  • Uncle Hierro
  • Don Alfredo
  • UMMMMM pretty much still Isco/Dani/Morata/Canteranos
  • El Buitre!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sanchis just bc I need him or Hierro to rile the socios against Flo and take presidency <3333333 (This is meant with sarcastic hope. I realize this is not realistic or ever going to happen before I get a three page long essay, anons)

This is all v much off the top of my head so I’m probably leaving ppl out, whatever, at least I got Iker covered.

“I always knew that I would reach the first team, ever since I was twelve or thirteen years old. I remember standing on the Castellana Avenue with my father and seeing the Santiago Bernabeu. I thought to myself “one day I’m going to make it. I’m going to play in front of the Bernabeu.” When I used to watch Real Madrid against either Athletic Bilbao or Real Sociedad I knew that one day I would get my chance.” - Iker Casillas